Company Overview Our goal is simple: Impact

GENIUS Sequencing

We are developing a novel, disruptive DNA-sequencing technology based on our simple label-free proprietary GENIUS™ technology, enabling fast, accurate, and low cost genetic testing. Although DNA Sequencing has led to rapid advancements in the field of science and medicine, the reality remains that high costs, long turnaround times, and complex workflows inhibit mass use of this powerful technology. We have set out to change that, with our revolutionary GENIUS technology (Gene-Electronic-Nano-Integrated-Ultra-Sensitive).

The GENIUS system provides orders of magnitude improvement across all dimensions of cost (cost of the instrument, cost per test, cost of labor, and cost of informatics), speed, and an automated and integrated workflow. This paradigm shift in sequencing capability and accessibility will open up new markets and enable the democratization of sequencing in a way never before possible.

GenapSys Vision

Our goal is simple: Impact. We believe that the tool to read the code of DNA is the most powerful device of the 21st century, and through enabling such powerful tools to be harnessed by the many, we can collectively change the world for the better.

We can enhance human understanding of science and genetics. We can all contribute to pushing the world forward. GenapSys is committed to a new era of genomic testing–one that enables the decentralization of genetic testing to the masses. These innovations will introduce a new era of genomic diagnostics, and enable us to digitize of the world, one GENIUS at a time.

Company Trajectory

GenapSys was founded by Dr. Hesaam Esfandyarpour. He and his team developed several novel technologies for DNA sequencing, protein detection and biosensing detection at Stanford Genome Technology Center, prior to starting GenapSys in 2010. With a strong background in electrical engineering  (MS, PhD Electrical Engineering, Stanford), Dr. Esfandyarpour was able to conceive and demonstrate a novel and far higher efficiency method for DNA Sequencing. Instead of using optically based technologies which is common in the industry, the GenapSys system centers around a pure electronic chip–detecting the main reaction in a simple, elegant, and low cost fashion.

Since incorporation, GenapSys has built a stellar multidisciplinary team and set up headquarters in Redwood City, CA. In addition to grant funding received at Stanford University, GenapSys was awarded an additional $4M grant from the NHGRI in September 2012.  Financially, the company is backed by top institutional and private investors, and has raised $50M since inception.