Shifting the Paradigm of Genomic Sequencing

Highly accurate semiconductor-based electronic sequencing within compact platforms enables seamless throughput scaling without increases in physical footprint and capital equipment costs.

Tunable Output Paired with Flexible Sensor Density

Our range of sensor densities provides built-in capability to scale up or down. Throughput optionality that spans multiple orders of magnitude can be achieved by changing consumable chips on the same platform.  


Low Total Cost of Ownership

Electronic-based detection can enable substantial reduction in capital costs. The simplicity of the detection modality allows for an affordable platform that is within the reach of virtually any lab. 


High Accuracy Enables Superior Variant Calling 

With our proven electronic DNA sequencing technology, we are developing highly accurate solutions that can enable superior variant calling even at lower coverages.

Our Semiconductor Chip Technology

Scalable, affordable, and accurate electronic sequencing

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The modularity of our semiconductor chip design paired with per-chip sensor density optionality can enable a single instrument to be used for a range of throughputs and applications.

genapsys detection technology
Detection Technology

Our novel electronic detection technology can measure minute changes in electrical signal upon incorporation of a base. The steady state nature of the electrical signal increases precision and enhances signal-to-noise ratio significantly, improving accuracy.

Demonstrated Applications

Limitless applications in life sciences and beyond